Back From The Studio

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Well, we made it. We're fresh from the studio (actually it's been a little over a month now) and taking a bit of a break, but will be getting this thing mastered and crafting plans to get it to your ears very soon. In the meantime, enjoy this slideshow of pics from one helluva time in Philadelphia, PA.

Oh! And in the meantime, we've got two shows in August with The Head And The Heart

August 28th @ Neurolux in Boise ID and August 29th @ Flying M in Nampa ID!


SLC this Sat with Desert Noises & Holy Water Buffalo + Recording!

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It's time for some news, isn’t it? We haven’t been much in the business of shelling out news the last few months, as we’ve been more in the business of things like winter-dodging, morale repair, personal finance reform, and so forth.

But there are two main points to this message, the first being more of the ‘local news’ variety. We have an exciting show this Saturday, May 4, at Urban Lounge. Joining us are two of our favorite(/the best) bands in Utah, Desert Noises and Holy Water Buffalo. Both are full of youth, promise, energy, and hair, and we are big fans! This will be one of the best lineups we will be a part of all year, so if you’re in the area, consider joining us.

More info here:

This brings me to the second point: We’re making a new record! And Saturday’s show will be the last one before we leave for a good chunk of the summer to work on it. That’s exciting, right? It’s been almost exactly two years since we released Teeth, and it’s time for us to expand our discography a bit. As they say, no one likes a thin wiki.

We’re trying something new this time around, as this adventure will take place in Philadelphia, PA, and will be supervised by Bill Moriarty. We worked recorded one tune together in September while we were on the East Coast, and we decided it was time we head back for more. You can read more about Bill and some of the cool records he’s made here:

In the meantime, we hope to see many of you out this weekend! Shortly thereafter, we’ll be on a journey to complete Phase One. And once we figure out what Phase Two is, we will let you know. As always, thanks for the support!


Urban Lounge this Saturday: In Real Life and Online

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Hello again!

It’s been a while, at least I hope it has, as I’d hate to know that we’ve been coming on too strong. But now there is news.

First, and specifically to Beehive state residents: we are playing a show on Saturday, December 8 at the Urban Lounge. This is a comfortable place for us these days, and we hope to have many of you join us again. Birthquake and Hang Time are the other bands on the bill, and we will be playing roughly five new songs.  

Speaking of those, on our last walk-about, we visited the Midwest and East Coast and recorded a few of these songs along the way. This means that as far as a new record is concerned, “the ball is rolling”, albeit slowly. And as we are catapulted forward into the New Year with nothing but our plans, the attendance of you fine folks is what helps begin the funding process necessary for a band like us to take on a task such as 'making a new record.'

Along those lines, we’ll have a special item of merchandise at Saturday’s show, one that we are excited about. If you live in this fine United States, there is a good chance you are familiar with the screen-printing/design work of Travis Bone. And if this music community has icons, he’s certainly one of them! He’s printed a limited run of 40 posters (image above) for this show, and they’ll be available for purchase that night, and until we run out.

For those of you who can't make it to the show, but could make it to your computer screen ... is offering a live-stream of the show on their site for just $3.00. We finally made it to Pay Per View! You can get tickets and info here.

As always, thank you all for willingly taking part in this endeavor of ours. As the years in which we do this stack on top of each other, it becomes more and more amazing how many great people in different states we’re able to remain friends with. In this regard, we consider ourselves filthy rich. I hope 2012 presents each of you with a satisfactory denouement and a hopeful segue into the years beyond!

See you on the astral plane,
The Devil Whale

Salt Lake Show Dec 8th

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It's been a while since our last update, and a whole lot has happened. We went on a tour that took us from Salt Lake all the way to NC, up to NYC, through the Midwest, down to Colorado and back home again. We saw tons of familiar faces, and made some new friends along the way. We even got to do some recording in a couple of new studios while we were out there. Overall, a great time was had, and we are very thankful for it.

We're home now, gathering up all of those recordings, mulling them over, honing in on the tunes, and getting ready to press record on all of the new stuff in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, though, we'll be having a big hometown show in Salt Lake City at Urban Lounge on December 8th. We'll have a brand-new custom print by Travis Bone to sell at the show, and maybe some other good stuff (plus some special guests TBA). All the profits from the show will go towards getting us back into the studio, and getting another record out, so it would be mighty kind of you to help us spread the word, and pack the place out.

The facebook event is here, share at will! We hope to see you there!

So much comin up!

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Thanks so much to Doe Bay, from everyone who threw the festival, to everyone who attended - it was a wonderful experience all around. Job well done. And hey, thanks to everyone in Seattle, Portland and Boise for giving us friendly places to stop and play on the way home.

We're headed back to Salt Lake to rest for a couple of days right now, but will be cranking the van up again in a week and heading East. Check the tour dates! We're probably coming to a city near you. RSVP, share on facebook, call your friends ... help us get the word out, and hopefully we'll see you soon!