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This is our new site.  Not to be confused w/ the old one, which never really existed.  But things are changing in Devil Whale Land.  Sites are popping up, records are getting made.  

For instance: I’m in Seattle right now, working w/ long-time collaborator Shawn Simmons.  We’re holed up in his (tiny) apartment, finishing up some last-minute tracking for our full-length record, tentatively titled Teeth, and we begin mixing on Saturday.  The last two weeks have been dominated by late nights, caffeine, tambourines and shakers, weird keyboards, broken keyboards, borrowed keyboards, and long walks by myself.  (I need new shoes.)  The only record Shawn and I have actually listened to all the way through in this span is Hot Buttered Soul, and we’ve done so about fifteen times.  And I still want more.

My point is this: thedevilwhale.com is a newly established residence, and one you are welcome and encouraged to visit always.  There will be more soon.  Always more, more more.  Videos, news, music, pictures, words, etc.  In the words of our city’s founder and colonizer, This is the place!

- Brinton