Help Us Plan 2012

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The many hats of Jake FishWell, United States. We've had an incredible time getting to know you this year. We've been touring pretty much non-stop since February, and have played about 100 shows in 27 of your beautiful states.

BUT - now we need your help! We are going to spend the next few months regrouping, preparing, writing, recording, and playing a handful of shows.

Most importantly, though, we need to decide where to roll this caravan next year. So here's where you come in -- if you want to see us play in your town next year, tell us! Send us an email at Let us know where you think we should play, local bands you think we should play with, or even if you don't' have any of that -- just let us know you'll come see us if we stop by.

And if you're feeling extra nice, let us know if you'd be willing to put up some posters or do anything else you can to spread the word, when we do come to see you.

LASTLY, if you find some free time while you're ever-so-kindly helping us plan our lives for the next year, please help our music fall on new ears -- by contacting local / college radio stations about us (or letting us know about your local station, so we can send them a CD), telling your friends about us on facebook, sharing links to youtube videos, following us on twitter ... trust us -- anything you feel like doing, it will help. And we will be forever, eternally, forever grateful. We already are.

OH AND DON'T FORGET TO COME SEE US AT KILBY COURT ON OCT 21ST! We'll be playing with Drew Grow and Sayde Price. Don't miss it.

Thank YOU for making 2011 a momentus year. Here's to 2012.

Happy Halloween, everyone.