Lower 48 tour starts in 1 week + Kickstater's almost done!

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Hey out there.

It's been a little while since we updated you all, so we thought we'd check in. We've been trucking along up in Alaska. The weather's been cold, but the reception has been warmer than we could have ever hoped for. We've seen so many people smiling back at us at these past few shows and can't thank you enough, Alaska.

We've got three more shows up here in the land of the midnight sun, but will be heading back to the lower 48 starting next week. We'll be kicking off a pretty big tour down there with a few shows in the Pacific Northwest.


2/24/11: Tacoma, WA
New Frontier Lounge

2/25/11: Olympia, WA
Le Voyeur

2/26/11: Seattle, WA
Columbia City Theater

2/27/11: Portland, OR
Ella St. Social Club

We hope that if you're close by any of these towns that you'll come out and say hi, and also RSVP on facebook (via the convenient links above) and help us spread the word. We're counting [& hoping & wishing] on you.

Oh - and our Kickstarter campaign has just 12 days to go! We've reached and exceeded our goal by about $1,000. Whoa. But, of course, we could always use more help. So, if you're feeling generous, send a little love our way, right here.

Until then, we'll see you out on the open road. And if you'd like to keep up with us on a little more personal level, you can check out our oft-updated blog, right here.

Your Friends,
the DW