Phew. Made it.

Added on by Devil Whale.

Well, we're finally back from the Great American Open Road, and we couldn't be more pleased with how the last few months have turned out. Too many places to mention, so we'll just say a big THANK YOU to everyone from Seattle down to San Diego, over to Charlotte up to New York City and back to Seattle. And don't forget that big square of people in the middle of all that. We'd also like to say thanks to all the great bands we've shared the stage with over the past couple of months, including a big wet kiss to The Head and The Heart who were kind enough to bring us along and lift us up for a glorious last week of the tour.

We're home now, for a few weeks at least, and preparing for our CD release show at the Urban Lounge. It's on May 27th, and it'll be the first time you can pick up a copy of our new record, Teeth. And it'll be our first  show back in Salt Lake City for a while. (okay, okay, we played at Kilby with the Head and the Heart but let's be honest, that was their party).

SO - come on out! The show starts at 9PM. And the facebook event is right here. Share it!

And if you haven't already, you can check out the first track from our new record right here: Stream it for nothing, download it for just a simple email address. AND we'll be posting a second track from the record very soon. AND, we'll be offering a couple bandcamp-exclusive packages (there are tote bags and bonus tracks involved) when the record comes out, so if you can't get the record from us on the 27th, that'll be the next best place to go.


ALRIGHT. See ya'll soon.