greetings from the road

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9:30 Club, Washington DCHey out there,

We've been having a blast on this tour with The Head & The Heart + Thao and are happy to report: it ain't over yet. We've still got dates from Boston to Denver, so make sure to check that tour dates page out and come see us if you can.

To those of you who have found us by way of our most recent tour dates: hello! welcome to our website, and to knowing who we are. Thanks so much for checking us out, we're glad you're here.

If you prefer for your updates to be shorter and more often, make sure to follow us on twitter, @thedevilwhale and facebook.

We're gonna keep trucking along now, but we'll be back home soon enough and are planning a lot of things. One of them being a show at Kilby Court on 10/21. The other things, we'll keep under wraps for now. But, let us just say this: we're excited for what's next.

Until next time.