Urban Lounge this Saturday: In Real Life and Online

Added on by Devil Whale.

Hello again!

It’s been a while, at least I hope it has, as I’d hate to know that we’ve been coming on too strong. But now there is news.

First, and specifically to Beehive state residents: we are playing a show on Saturday, December 8 at the Urban Lounge. This is a comfortable place for us these days, and we hope to have many of you join us again. Birthquake and Hang Time are the other bands on the bill, and we will be playing roughly five new songs.  

Speaking of those, on our last walk-about, we visited the Midwest and East Coast and recorded a few of these songs along the way. This means that as far as a new record is concerned, “the ball is rolling”, albeit slowly. And as we are catapulted forward into the New Year with nothing but our plans, the attendance of you fine folks is what helps begin the funding process necessary for a band like us to take on a task such as 'making a new record.'

Along those lines, we’ll have a special item of merchandise at Saturday’s show, one that we are excited about. If you live in this fine United States, there is a good chance you are familiar with the screen-printing/design work of Travis Bone. And if this music community has icons, he’s certainly one of them! He’s printed a limited run of 40 posters (image above) for this show, and they’ll be available for purchase that night, and until we run out.

For those of you who can't make it to the show, but could make it to your computer screen ... GigViz.com is offering a live-stream of the show on their site for just $3.00. We finally made it to Pay Per View! You can get tickets and info here.

As always, thank you all for willingly taking part in this endeavor of ours. As the years in which we do this stack on top of each other, it becomes more and more amazing how many great people in different states we’re able to remain friends with. In this regard, we consider ourselves filthy rich. I hope 2012 presents each of you with a satisfactory denouement and a hopeful segue into the years beyond!

See you on the astral plane,
The Devil Whale