Daytrotter + SxSW

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Today, we are super excited to share our Daytrotter session, which was just posted. We swear there's more than one of us in this band. (illustration by Johnnie Cluney)Enjoy it now, here!

Other than listening to ourselves on the internet, we are also spending our time getting ready to head south, by southwest, quite literally. We'll be in Flagstaff, AZ at Mia's Lounge on March 10th, and then it's down to Texas for a week at SxSW.

But before then, we'll be sent off in style, with a show in Provo at Velour, with our good buddies Desert Noises. Come one, come all, it should be a great time.

Make sure to check out the tour dates here.

And go listen to that Daytrotter session! What are you still doing here?


The Devil Whale