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Hi, guys!
This time last year, we were weaving our way through a three month tour that took us coast-to-coast-to-coast; we even made it Alaska and back somehow. We played ~100 shows in over half of the states in this country, met some amazing people, played amazing rooms, and accumulated plenty of photos that would prevent any of us from ever being elected to a public office. Needless to say, it was a good year.
This year, we're keeping our routes cleaner. Last year, our goal was to tour until we lost our minds and moneys (didn't take long), but this year the goal is write and start making a new record. So our traveling will be more limited this year, but it's for "the greater good".

However! We are excited to be making our second trip to SxSW, and we will be headed there shortly. We are even making a couple of stops on the way:

Friday, March 9
Provo, UT // @ Velour Live Music Gallery
w/ Desert Noises
Advance tickets here.

Friday, March 10

Flagstaff, AZ // @ Mia's


Our SxSW schedule looks like this (note: times listed are our specific set times):

Tuesday, March 13, 2:30PM
@ the Hole in the Wall
2538 Guadalupe, Austin, TX

Wednesday, March 14, 12:00 Midnight
The Loft (Official SxSW showcase)
215 E. 6th St., Austin, TX
(venue is on the second floor of Mekong River Restaurant)

Thursday, March 15, 4:15PM
House party
1118 Linden St., Austin, TX

Friday, March 16, 6:00PM

House party
2905 Beanna St., Austin, TX

Saturday, March 17, 10:30PM
East Ave Lounge
90 N I-H 35, Austin, TX

On the way home, we will also be playing this one, which will be a gem:

Friday, March 23
Evergreen, CO
Little Bear Saloon

Needless to say, we are excited to be in transit once again, dodging the tactics of villains like "real life" and "winter". If you're planning on being in Austin, let us know, we'd love to see friends. And if not, don't fear, we have plenty of good times on reserve in the future.

All the best!