The Backstage Beat - Live Review

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Going into The Head and the Heart’s show Friday night felt like I had walked right into a college band party; all the kids playing knew each other and the audience, and the audience knew them, too. Crammed into what would have been the best looking theoretical college apartment around, people stood really close to the stage, chilled out at tables, or on swanky chaise lounges. Everything was lax and loose, and the folks here were gonna have a good time.

The Royale, unassuming from outside with its teal awning, ascends into a marbled lobby, looking like an extension of the Courtyard Mariott across the street. Going through the double doors at the top, I was suddenly transported into the Snakehole Lounge from ‘Parks and Recreation’. Dark, with tremendous floor space, modern tables and posh seating flanked the room. The large semi-circle bar opposite the stage glowed with warm yellow icicle-like lights, and the room smoldered in soft pinks and oranges.

The Devil Whale opened the show, their first ever in Boston. The band, from Salt Lake City, had a cool SoCal alt rock vibe with folk elements. With appealing and brisk tracks, The Devil Whale absolutely killed it for their 30 minutes onstage. Brinton Jones’ vocals wavered over the Pacific-coast-type lilts supplemented by bassist Jake Fish, drummer Cameron Runyan, guitarist Jamie Timm, and keyboardist Wren Kennedy.

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