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The Devil Whale – Teeth [Album Review]

by Woody on October 8, 2011

As I mentioned in my review of The Head and The Heart show, one of the opening bands was Salt Lake City’s The Devil Whale. Apparently,  The Head and The Heart are pals with The Devil Whale and they pop up to lend a helping hand on a track called “Magic Numbers.”

Teeth is their sophomore effort and in my limited time with it, the band that always springs to mine when listening to them is Dr. Dog. The Devil Whale share the same knack of playing delightful psych-pop smothered in wonderful three piece harmonies.

Fronting my favorite band from Utah (up until now, it was Donny & Marie) is Brinton Jones. During your first few listens, you’ll bob your head to the melodies as the tunes are so damn catchy. But after a few listens, you start to notice that Jones is also delivering some quality lyrics into mix as well.

My favorite line is from “So-Called War:”

She’s only famous because she sleeps with all my friends

My favorite verse is from the “The Road To Hell” which belies its name by being bouncy as hell:

They sold the whole house because the TV was broke
I want to listen to the radio but they keep playing the same war.

He’s got a gun under his pillow
And Jesus on his dresser
But neither one makes him feel safe any more.

I can’t recommend these guys enough if you dig Dr. Dog or Delta Spirit. This is a vibrant CD that can’t help but seep into your being.