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I’m an indie-folk sucker, so I usually get pretty giddy when something from the genre arrives in my email inbox. A lot of it isn’t very good, but sometimes something will arrive that makes listening to endless amounts of bad stuff worthwhile. One of the good things that recently showed up was The Devil Whale (which, if a real animal, would be frightening). The Salt Lake City based The Devil Whale was formally a trio, but recently added a keyboardist and another guitarist to become a fleshed out sound. Led by Brinton Jones fantastic songwriting, The Devil Whale are set to release their second album entitled Teeth in early May.

Teeth is influenced by 60’s and 70’s garage and pop acts like The Animals, The Kinks and Harry Nilsson, so the album has a tad more “bite” (score one for me) than your normal indie-folk album. Don’t let that deter you, though.