Striker Bill

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Let’s face it, life is full of questions.  Like why are we here, what’s our purpose on this planet, and why haven’t more people (including myself) heard of The Devil Whale?  I pose this question in an entirely serious manner, because ever since this band made its way onto my speakers a few days ago they just haven’t left.  The Salt Lake City, Utah quintet led by singer and songwriter Brinton Jones and consisting of Jake Fish (bass), Cameron Runyan (drums), Wren Kennedy (keyboards), and Jamie Timm (lead guitar) curates a style of indie rock that is sharply observant and buoyant.  Their songs are marked with a nice ebb and flow as the band clearly understands the dynamics of when to lean into things and when to ease up and let the songwriting speak for itself.  Along the way their jagged, sometimes choppy song structures are punctuated with chiming guitars, solid rhythms, and rumbling, floor tom happy percussion.  Basically this is just what more popular bands such as Cold War Kids SHOULD sound like but don’t.  Oh well, their loss is The Devil Whale’s gain, and that’s definitely a good thing.  The Devil Whale’s sophomore LP Teeth is due to be released on May 10th of this year.