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On The Devil Whale‘s second full-length album, Teeth, songwriter/frontman Brinton Jones and bandmates deliver a heartfelt, visceral experience akin to their classic garage and pop influences such as The Animals, The Kinks, and Harry Nilsson. Like a grand painting, songs are well-defined, yet open to interpretation.

Originating from Salt Lake City, The Devil Whale achieves a small-town ambiance that is often attempted but not achieved in the realm of indie-folk rock. The Devil Whale‘s sound has evolved from their 2008 debut, Like Paraders, thanks to the continued chemistry of original backing members and long-time friends, Jake Fish (bass) and Cameron Runyan (drums), as well as the addition of Jamie Timm (lead guitar) and Wren Kennedy (keyboards). Various artists also make guest appearances, including Seattle’s The Head and The Heart on “Magic Numbers.”

Named one of Eddie Bauer’s Emerging Artists, and receiving numerous favorable reviews, the care, love, and hard work put into Teeth is apparent throughout the album. Harmonies are orchestrated flawlessly without feeling forced. Natural, honest, and intuitive, each track leaves a strong initial impression, cleverly adding new layers upon multiple listens. We recommend giving The Devil Whale a spin with this free download of the single “Standing Stones.”

If you like what you hear, be sure to pick up your copy of the album, now available from and see them live on their current US tour.