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Bro-down at the Hoedown: Could Salt Lake City's The Devil Whale Be the Next Kings of Leon?

This post is part of a series in which we review bands playing around town on Tuesday nights.

Cumulus, The Devil Whale
Tractor Tavern
Tuesday, Aug. 23

"Headlining the night were Salt Lake City's The Devil Whale, who are probably most known for touring with The Head and the Heart. But if that's all you knew beforehand, you were in for a surprise when the band hit the stage. Dressed like your dad in the '70s and singing in close three-part harmony, The Devil Whale were more straight rock than any of this folk-rock stuff we've been messing around with lately. There was nary an acoustic guitar in sight. Instead two organs graced the stage, and the band played barn-burner after barn-burner while all the dudes in the audience enthusiastically nodded along (as close as you'll get in this city to dancing).

The bro-love continued as three members of HATH joined the stage to sing backup on a few numbers. Leading to the question: Could The Devil Whale be the next Kings of Leon? The songs are loud, tight, and uncontroversial, and regardless of whether they could hold up in an arena, they definitely felt too big for the Tractor. Concluding with a great, almost power-pop cover of The Velvet Underground's "Rock 'n' Roll," the band left the stage with the widespread affirmation that they had "killed it." If only the night had ended there--following their set, a fight broke out which may or may not have involved members of The Head and the Heart, causing everyone to be kicked out. Good night!

Bro-down at the hoedown: I saw not one, not two, but THREE male-on-male ass-grabs over the course of the evening, leading me to conclude it was an excessively dudely show."