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Fire Note Says: The Devil Whale provide good old fashioned indie rock.

Album Review:
Salt Lake City holds a bit of an indie secret that is slowly getting out, which is the band The Devil Whale. The now 5 piece has recently released their sophomore album Teeth and it is a smooth indie record that is full of vivid melodies, thought stirring lyrics and plenty of memorable hooks to keep you coming back for more. The band plays their most rock moments with a nostalgic 60's and 70's approach, as they site acts like The Animals, The Kinks and Harry Nilsson as influences, while being grouped by some into the current indie folk movement. There is proof for all of these descriptions on Teeth, that includes the appearance from The Head And The Heart on "Magic Numbers", but what made the record an interesting listen for me was the modern flare of lead vocalist Brinton Jones and his soaring vocals that give tracks like "The Road To Hell" and "Golden" an honest and likable delivery. The Devil Whale is not a group that immediately grabs you because of the bands subtle approach but as Jones croon really sinks in upon multiple listens, Teeth is a record that is easy to go back too and gives rewards with each spin.

Key Tracks: "Golden", "Standing Stones", "Magic Numbers"

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