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There's a lot of great indie rock music being made in this city these days, as I'm sure you all know. One of the best parts about having so many excellent bands operating within the RVA corporate limits, though, is the exposure it gets us to amazing music from elsewhere in the country, and indeed the world. Case in point: The Devil Whale, a Salt Lake City quartet led by singer-songwriter Brinton Jones, is bringing their soulful brand of alternative rock n' roll to Richmond this Thursday at the Camel, and we are all more fortunate for it. Touring behind their most recent full-length, Teeth, The Devil Whale translate that album's high-quality production into the live environment with aplomb, delivering complex, mult-faceted, but always catchy tunes highlighted by Jones's memorable voice, which hits the sweet spot between the sincerity of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and the virtuosity of the late, great Jeff Buckley. The Devil Whale have a lot to offer to RVA indie rock fans, and any who aren't at the Camel to experience their live performance will be kicking themselves.